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Brittany Cottages for Self-catering Cottages in
North West France - Many with Pools

As Featured in the Eyewitness Travel Guide "Family Guide France" 2012
Published by DK Books.

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Impressions of this area

Map of Bretagne, Normandie and La Loire Calvados, Manche, Orne, Eure, Seine-Maritime Cotes d'Armor, Finistere, Ille-et-Vilaine, Morbihan Sarthe, Mayenne, Maine-et-Loire, Loire-Atlantique

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Brittany cottages has been established over 24 years and can offer properties with or without pools. Many of our Brittany cottages have Swimming Pools making them great for families, plus La Peignardiere has an indoor heated pool making it ideal for all the family in or out of the busy season (normally temperatures are kept no less than 27 degrees) . The swimming pool at La Peignardiere is fitted with Solar powered heating which in the climate of Brittany is generally sufficent for 9 or 10 Months of the year, at other times additional heating is used, Our brittany cottages can offer holidays for all tastes, from relaxing pool side breaks to historic cultural holidays

A Brief Description of this region of France.

Ille-et-Vilaine is the region in the East of Brittany. The emerald coast stretches from the bay of Mont St Michel to St Briac sur Mer linking the ports of Cancale, St Malo and Dinard. The old walled town of St Malo is one of the country's great attractions. The rampart walls conceal a charming town known for good restaurants and pavement cafés. In Rennes, Brittany’s parliament house has reopened its doors – a sign of the renewed interest in the history of Brittany, Breton culture and language.

The regional capital, Rennes has an elegant old quarter with a huge Saturday market. There are superb oysters from Cancale and excellent golf in Dinard. If it is a varied holiday with plenty to do then Ille-et-Vilaine is the region for you.

Standing defiantly into the Atlantic, France's northwest corner has long been culturally different from the main bulk of France. Known to the Celts as Armorica, the land of the sea, Brittany's past is filled with the legends of drowned cities and Arthurian forests. Prehistoric megaliths rise mysteriously from land and sea, and the medieval is never far away. The long coastline is one of Brittany’s many attractions. Fantastic beaches line its northern limits, kept clean by huge tides and it is dotted with well-established seaside resorts, established fishing ports and numerous oyster beds. The nearby countryside is patchwork of undulating fields, woods and rolling moorland.

The world famous isle of Le Mont st Michel lies within the Bai de le Mont st Michel within easy reach of many of our houses, a little south of this famous cathedral can be found so many places to visit both for the tourist who wants to see the history of this region and for all the family to enjoy a day out, from large amusement parks & incredible zoos to historic buildings of which Le Mont St Michel is just one (even if it is the second most visited place in France).

The walled port of St-Malo recalls the region's maritime prowess, while the remarkably intact castles at Fougères and Vitré are a reminder of the mighty border-fortresses that protected Brittany's eastern frontier before its final union with France in 1532. Many Breton's still consider themselves to be Breton first, then French, and that France is on the edge of Brittany and not Brittany to be the north Western corner of France. Vannes, Dinan and Rennes (the Breton capital) have well preserved medieval quarters where half-timbered buildings shelter inviting markets, shops, crèperies and restaurants.

If you would like to find out more about Bretagne, its history, culture, local activities, its 4000 Chateaux, its Beaches and lots more. These five links will take you to the web sites of the four Departments of Brittany The Bretagne Web site [in the center] is well worth a visit

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